Now more than ever, we’re so grateful for our community that has funded, volunteered, celebrated, and advocated for the Fairhope Educational Enrichment Foundation (FEEF) through the years. At a time when everything feels uncertain, we find comfort and encouragement knowing that you care about educating children in Fairhope.

While the pandemic and hurricanes have certainly changed much in our lives, FEEF continues our mission to provide funding and resources to our five Fairhope public schools.

January 2021 marks the 25th Anniversary of FEEF and as a result of the pandemic, we have decided to move all our events to 2021 and celebrate our anniversary all year long. We are currently determining these 2021 dates, but rest assured, we will continue to promote our sponsors through social media and newsletters.

Last year, FEEF gave over $171,000 to our schools to support STEAM education.  

As we all continue to adapt to the ever-changing circumstances of 2020, we hope that you can find some peace knowing that students in Fairhope continue to have STEAM enrichment programs because of your generosity.

On behalf of all of us at FEEF, thank you for being part of our community. We wish you and your family health, safety and happiness and want you to know that together, we can overcome all things.

All the Best,
2020-2021 FEEF Board of Directors
Stephen Searcy, President
Davis Brock, Vice-President
Brian Chew, Secretary/Treasurer
Julie Brown
Celeste DeCorte
Anne Dorman
Julie Fancher
Amy Foley
Katherine Goldman
Lynn Knighton
Heather Lane
Sally Miller
Gavin O’Connell
Nicole Olmsted
Amy Phillippi
Sarah Rockwell
Eddie Rowe
Linda Smith
Jill Stanley
Stephanie Williamson