Throughout the year, up to 50 members of the Eastern Shore community serve on FEEF’s Advisory Council as “Friends of FEEF.” With a passion for education, they give their time and resources to improve public education in Fairhope.

If you’re interested in serving on the FEEF Advisory council, call the FEEF line at 251-990-3333.

Advisory Council Members

Laura Adams
Vicki Bailey
Amber Brown
Julie Brown
Rebecca Bryant
Marti Burgess
Wesley Carpenter
Tommie Conaway
Amy Dowden
Charles Durgin
Dee Fuhrman
Betsy Grant
Elizabeth Hammock
Ingrid Hartman
Sarah Kathryn Hickman
Amy Hollimon
Lori Hutchinson
Lynn Knighton
Denise Knox

Jessica Lami
John Luce
Michele Manasco
Lorna Mayr
Joe McGilberry
Heather Middleton
Lisette Normann
Elizabeth Phyfer
Will Rice
Alex Robinson
Dennis Sherrin
Glenda Skinner
Betty Stejskal
Stephen Strickland
Justin Taylor
Thomas Toombs
Traci Vittitow
Kathryn Watkins
Jeni Whitehurst
Cindy Wilson