Civic Star Award

The American Association of School Administrators and Sodexho School Services awarded FEEF and Baldwin County Public Schools with the 2004 Alabama Civic Star Award. This award recognizes school districts/organizations that have teamed with local communities to develop and implement innovative programs to advance learning. The Civic Star Award is awarded to one winner in each of the 50 states and the District of Columbia. The Civic Star Award is based on the premise that the vitality of a community is linked to the success of its schools in educating children to be productive citizens.

Lillian McGowin Award

The Alabama Gulf Coast Chapter of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) awarded FEEF the Lillian McGowin Award for Outstanding Foundation. AFP conducts an annual awards program to recognize outstanding achievements by individual and corporate philanthropists, fund-raisers, volunteers, professional fundraising executives, foundations and youth civic leaders. FEEF was honored for its commitment, dedication, and talent in helping society and nurturing its community.