Awarded Special Funding Teacher Classroom Grants


School Teacher Project  Amount
Fairhope Elementary Workman/Arnold Breakout EDU Boxes  $550.00
Fairhope High Cody Coleman Engineering Rover  $1,665.00
Fairhope High Cody Coleman Matching – Engineering Rover  $1,000.00
Fairhope Intermediate Nancy Tuttle/Dutton Energy House Science Lab Supplies  $197.50
Fairhope Intermediate Lisa Hood 3D Printer  $533.00
Fairhope Intermediate Brittany Luckie Math Program  $232.26
Fairhope Intermediate Cara Dube STEAM Holiday Project Supplies  $126.51
Fairhope Intermediate Tyler Dutton Ozobots  $1,200.00
Fairhope Intermediate Gloria Lucas STEAM Library Books  $509.67
Fairhope Intermediate Betsey Jennings LEGO Wall  $395.00
Fairhope Intermediate Tiffany Mulback LEGO WeDo Kits, LEGO Spike Sets  $2,394.55
Fairhope Middle Beuthe Donors Choose Project – Robotics  $339.35
Fairhope Middle Janice Kinard Goggle Sanitizer  $690.00
J Larry Newton Janie Evans Second Step Curriculum (Counseling)  $1,179.50
J Larry Newton Laura Ruth Hunter Math Machines  $1,080.00


School Teacher Project  Amount
Fairhope Elementary Hilary McKinney Beebot Hive (6 beebot robots)  $700.00
Fairhope Elementary Lesley Davis Gigglebot & Yahboom Robot  $336.00
Fairhope Elementary Heather Hapworth & Tara Lazenby Guided Reading  $918.00
Fairhope Elementary & J Larry Newton Art Ricky Trione Art Classees  $895.00
Fairhope High Mandy Jennings Licensure  $2,100.00
Fairhope High Tricia Hudson Arduino Microprocessors  $446.00
Fairhope High Michael McCrady 17 Digital Drawing Tablets  $3,100.00
Fairhope High Diane Ham Piano Lab Upgrades  $905.59
Fairhope Intermediate Margaret Dumas Grow the Garden  $300.00
Fairhope Intermediate Brittany Luckie Special Needs SIPPS Level 3  $650.00
Fairhope Intermediate Tiffany Mulback Sphero Bolt  $2,499.99
Fairhope Intermediate Cara Dube Ozobots  $111.71
Fairhope Intermediate Leah Washington & Susan Mitchell Happy Birthday AL  $470.76
Fairhope Intermediate Betsey Jennings & Trina Jackson 16 – STEAM Lego Robotics Kits  $3,100.00
Fairhope Middle Rachel Cassagne Flow of Genetic Info Kits  $700.00
Fairhope Middle Mykel Williams STEAM Lab Headphones & Accessories  $500.00
Pelican’s Nest Science Lab Kacie Hardman Discovery Scopes, cordless microscopes, dip nets, digital microscope  $2,500.00